Study 11

Barnacle study: behavioural responses, reproductive output, & secondary production 


A rock chip covered in Semibalanus balanoides barnacles. Photo copyright: Helen Findlay (PML)

Study Aims:

To determine the impact of elevated CO2 and temperature on activity (cirral beat rate), feeding (partical uptake rate), reproduction (spawning potential), calcification and secondary production in the barnacle Semibalanus balanoides.


04 May 2009: Unfortunately due to the unexpected frozen fjord at this time of year, it has so far not been possible to get anywhere near the rocky shore because it is deeply covered with snow and ice. Perhaps it will now start to defrost – in fact the fjord is opening up quite a lot – but unless this happens soon it may be too late to run a long experiment so we may have to change our plans slightly. For the moment we are just waiting…

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