Study 1

Nutrient cycling between the sediment and overlying water

 sediment nutrient cycling

Image courtesy of Bonnie Laverock (PML)

Study Aims

To determine the impacts of elevated CO2 on:

1.  Nitrogen cycling rates (nitrification, denitrification, sediment nutrient flux)

2.  Diversity and structure of sediment microbial community


04 May 2009: The fjord has begun to unfreeze and the sea ice has broken up. There is now access to the outside wall of the marina and the cargo ship will be arriving tommorrow. We are hopeful that the diving boat will be launched tommorrow after the ship has gone and then the divers might have a chance at collecting some sediment.

02 May 2009: The fjord is becoming less frozen although still frozen enough to let the divers use their ice hole but not get the boat in the water. The divers attempted to collect sediment today from their hole but unfortunately the sediment layer is not very deep in this area and they could not get enough. We now have to wait for the fjord to become ice free.

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