Zora Zittier

zzittier1My role in EPOCA Arctic

I will investigate the impact of ocean acidification and increasing temperature on the physiology of the Greenland cockle, Serripes groenlandicus, together with my AWI colleagues (study 4). We will incubate the cockles at different CO2 levels and temperatures to determine the impacts on metabolism, thermal tolerance and acid-base regulation capacity.


My thoughts about the trip

I’m fascinated by polar regions with their impressive ice formations and special lighting conditions. This will be my first trip to Svalbard, and I hope we will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful landscape. I’m looking forward to working with an international team and being involved in this comprehensive research.

More about my research

I’m a PhD student at the AWI in Prof. Pörtner‘s group of Integrative Ecophysiology (more info). My topic is the synergistic effect of increasing CO2 and temperature on marine bivalves in a latitudinal cline. I will investigate short- and long-term impacts of ocean acidification and elevated temperature on acid-base regulation capacity. Another part of my PhD is to study the impact of CO2 on the thermal tolerance window. Finally, I will be able to compare the response of polar and temperate populations. The comparative approach will deepen our understanding of the physiological impacts of global climate change on marine organisms and can contribute to forecast potential future changes in ecosystems.

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