Marie-Dominique Pizay


My role in EPOCA Artic

I am a CNRS engineer and I will go with the EPOCA team to measure dissolved inorganic carbon in the different experiments which we will carry out in Svalbard. This parameter is very important when we study ocean acidification because it is used to estimate the CO2 level.

It is my third trip to the Arctic. The two first time, I came with the Praceal team who works on the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems which change relation between predators and their preys. The first time in May, I discovered the sun present 24 hour per day. The second time, I came in October and the sun appeared only for a few hours per day and it was very low. The landscape and the fjords are very beautiful: snowed mountains, glaciers. I have seen reindeers, seals, foxes and many different birds. I have never seen polar bear and I hope to see one this time but not from too close.

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