Jean-Pierre Gattuso

gattusoMy role in EPOCA arctic

I will investigate the impact on ocean acidification on coralline algae with Sophie Martin (study 9) and on pteropods (pelagic molluscs) with Steeve Comeau (study 7). Additionally, I will processes samples for measurements of dissolved inorganic carbon and total alkalinity together with Marie-Dominique Pizay. This service (service 2) will be done for all the experiments that will be carried out.

My thoughts about the trip

I am looking forward to this trip and am thrilled to go to the Arctic for the first time. I must say that, being originally a coral reef scientist, I am also a little worried with the temperature! Overall, it is very exciting to be part of the very first large scale experiment looking at the impact of ocean acidification on polar organisms and ecosystems.

More about my research

I am a CNRS senior research scientist and coordinate the large scale collaborative program EPOCA that is supported by the European Commission. My current interest is the impact of ocean acidification. More information and a list of publications are available on my web site.

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