Helen Findlay

helen_hill2My role in EPOCA Arctic

I am part of the benthic team who will go up at the very begining of the trip to set up the experimental system in the laboratory. We have to convert an empty laboratory into a fully functioning acidification system (service 1). Once this is up and running I will be collecting barnacles to investigate how they behave under different pH and temperature conditions, I will be looking into how often they ventilate themselves, how often they feed, what they feed and also looking at their reproductive output – how many larvae are released (study 11). I am also hoping to be involved in some of the nutrient work (study 1) and early life stage work (study 10) with Hannah Wood.

My thoughts on the trip

I am looking forward to seeing some more snow and ice, I love being outdoors in the cold surrounded by mountains and glaciers, maybe we’ll even get to see a polar bear this year! It will also be great to work alongside lots of different scientists from around Europe.

More about my research

I am in the final year of a PhD in biological oceanography at Plymouth Marine Laboratory. I am investigating the impacts of climate change and ocean acidification on intertidal marine organims (such as barnacles). I carry out field work and experimental laboratory work to see how these creatures survive in different conditions and whether we can use that information to predict what will happen to their populations in the future, using modelling tools.

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