Hans-Otto Pörtner


My role in EPOCA arctic

I will investigate the impact on ocean acidification on Arctic bivalves and crustaceans together with Axinja Stark, Sandra Treydte, Timo Hirse and Zora Zittier (studies 4 and 5). We are interested in identifying the principle physiological mechanisms affected by ocean acidification and shaping the sensitivity of marine animals to this climate related stressor. Polar species pre-adapted to cold water environments may be among the first to be affected by ocean acidification.

My thoughts about the trip

I am looking forward to this trip and collaboration in an international team and also to join these very timely research efforts. Staying at Ny  Alesund in early spring will be an experience and a challenge as I have not yet been in the Arctic that early in the year.

More about my research

I am an animal physiologist and section head at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute in Bremerhaven Germany. The research planned on Svalbard nicely matches our general goal to develop a cause and effect understanding for the role of “climate factors” (temperature, carbon dioxide, oxygen) in the evolutionary history and climate sensitivity of marine animals. We work on fishes and various marine invertebrate groups like annelids, bivalves, cephalopods and crustaceans. For further information click here.

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