Dr Steve Widdicombe

steveMy role in EPOCA Arctic

I am the EPOCA coordinator for all the benthic experiments being conducted during the 2009 campaign. So far this has involved attending meetings, filling in numerous forms, signing order forms and spending hours sending and reading emails. Once we all arrive in the Arctic my role will be to ensure the setting up, running and dismantling of the experiments all goes smoothly. Hopefully I will also get the opportunity to do some research of my own. I am particularly interested to find out how ocean acidification will affect the way some animals mix the mud in which they live. A process called bioturbation.

My thoughts about the trip

There has been a huge amount of preparation for this trip and I am keen now just to get to the Arctic and get things started. I have worked in the Arctic before so I know what an exceptionally beautiful place it is. I am really excited to be going back. 

More about my research

I have worked as a marine ecologist for 18 years and I am currently the Theme Leader at Plymouth Marine Laboratory for “Coastal and Shelf Processes”. Most of my science uses field observations and large experiments to answer key questions related to the maintenance of biodiversity and how ecosystems function. My recent research has concentrated on the impacts of high CO2 on benthic organisms and the processes they support, such as nutrient cycling.

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