The People

Five scientific institutions are participating in the Benthic programme and the scientists are listed below. Many other people are also involved, including support, technical staff and divers. The support and technical staff provide vital assistance to the scientists in maintaining and setting up their equipment. The divers are essential for collection of marine animals used in the experiments.

Research Scientists:


Jean-Pierre Gattuso

Steeve Comeau

Marie-Dominique Pizay


Dr Steve Widdicombe

Hannah Wood

Helen Findlay

Bonnie Laverock

Dr Karen Tait


Prof. Hans Otto Pörtner

Axinja Stark

Zora Zittier

Timo Hirse

Sandra Treydte

Max Schwanitz

Julian Mönnich


Dr Sophie Martin


Dr Frédéric Gazeau

Lara Pozzato

Pieter van Rijswijk


Support staff:


Elin Austerheim


Marcus Schumacher

Alan Le Tressoler

Moritz Sieber 

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