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Expériences en cours

June 2, 2009

Suite aux quelques jours de mauvais temps du début de la semaine dernière, les ptéropodes sont enfin dans le fjord. Les sorties pour la pêche aux ptéropodes sont toujours aussi plaisantes (même si il fait parfois horriblement froid!). Avec la fonte nous avons ainsi admiré quelques icebergs.Ny 685
La pêche s’est révélée très fructueuse ces derniers jours avec un maximum de 300 ptéropodes récoltés hier!
Ny 706Ny 710

J’ai ainsi commencé de nombreuses expériences sur la respiration, la nutrition et la calcification des ptéropodes. Bref de très très grosses journées de travail!

Presque tous les autres membres de la mission sont partis ce matin. Je me retrouve seul avec Aninja et Sandra pour mes 10 derniers jours à Ny-Alesund qui seront sûrement très chargés!



Going home

June 1, 2009

We have had an eventful last few days in the lab. The sediment experiment finished on Thursday, so Bonnie and Lara spent a long day in the lab slicing sediment cores up so that they could take home samples for analysis. On Saturday the urchin experiment finished so Hannah, Bonnie and I (with help for Lara, thanks!) spent a good number of hours taking more samples from the last set of urchins. Axinja and Sandra moved their experimental tanks over to the small experiment room, where the nutrient experiments had been; and by dinner we had completely cleared the large experiment room ready for packing and tidying the next day.

Nearly empty lab!

Empty experiment lab. Photo Helen Findlay

We had a bit of free time on Friday to relax in between all the experiments, so Lara, Bonnie and I took a walk down the fjord to visit Corbel. Corbel is an extension of the AWIPEV base – a few small huts grouped together about 6 km down the fjord from the main village. At the moment there are about 5 or 6 French scientists working there. They work on a mix of different topics, ranging from glaciology to ornithology (studying birds – there is a large cliff nearby where many of the gulls and terns nest). They started to build the huts last September and are now adding a few more solar panals and testing out a wind generator so that they are completely self sufficient for energy. The idea is that the scientists are a lot closer to the things that they study, and save time and energy travelling back and forth between study sites.


Corbel field base. Photo Helen Findlay

Lara and Bonnie having a Tea break on the walk back from Corbel

Lara and Bonnie having a tea break on the walk back from Corbel. Photo Helen Findlay

Ornithologists at work

Ornithologists at work by the bird cliff. Photo Helen Findlay

Sunday and Monday have been our packing days. Steeve, Axinja and Sandra are staying some extra time so that laboratory is not too empty but it feels strange having an empty experiment room again. Our last day is filled with beautiful sunshine so once we have packed we are going to go enjoy our last afternoon in the snow and sun.