Living in the Village

May 10, 2009

Hannah and I spent the other night making a video about Ny Alesund and some of the aspects of life on a research base…. its a little bit random but shows the main buildings in the village, the rooms we sleep in, the Huskies, the mess where we go to eat and some other bits and pieces…



  1. Dear Glaciologist,

    Your continued interest in the EPOCA project is much appreciated and fostering such interdisciplinary dialogue can only be seen as a positive step. The movie to which you are referring is intended as an outreach platform to engage our audience in the lives and experiences of marine biologists. While we appreciate glaciology is also an excellent field of research, it unfortunately ended on the cutting room floor. Should you wish to see the full footage please email me and I would be happy to send you a link. In reference to the urchins, we have been busy and are now culturing larvae which is most interesting- there will be a blog and possibly a video on this shortly.

    I do hope you are not too busy with glaciology fieldwork back at your ideally placed home institition.

    Kind regards

  2. Thank you for posting this. It was interesting to see what the village is like. Our project is planning to travel there at the end of Jun for a month. We will be flying our small plane over the ice to the NW, so I am curious what it is like to live there as a visitor.

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