The cargo arrives…

May 7, 2009

Ny AlesundAfter much waiting and hoping, the cargo ship finally docked at Ny Alesund on Tuesday (5th May). It arrived around 8 am and didn’t finish unloading and reloading until about 5.30 pm.

The cargo ship docked and the ice breaker waiting

The cargo ship (red) and the ice breaker (gray) alongside the dock. Photo: Helen Findlay

This was great news for us because many of the scientists still had several boxes of equipment that they had been waiting for so that they could start carrying out there experiments. Unfortunately there is still a few bits missing but hopefully by Monday we should have a full complement of equipment!

The truck loading up the ship with boxes

A tractor loading the ship with boxes. Photo Helen Findlay

It was also very exciting because this is the first ship that has arrived in Ny Alesund since December and it brings with it much needed new stock of food and drinks. The base has been relying heavily on frozen and preservable food as well as the odd plane load of food but the variety of food soon gets a bit limited! So we now have fresh fruit and veg, salad for lunch, yogurts for breakfast and lots of eggs!

The dive boat in the water!

The dive boat in the water. Photo Helen Findlay

The final and possibly most important aspect of the ship’s passing was that is made way for us to launch the dive boat. This was great news for us because many of the studies have been on hold waiting for access to the boat so that animals and sediment can be collected. Hopefully there will be fewer problems now, although the fjord is still very icey and not all the dive sites are ice free yet.

 View of the crowns from the ice edge

View of the Crowns from the ice edge. Photo Helen Findlay


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